About us

What is QuizMeUp.com?

QuizMeUp is a wiki-based quiz website that is fueled by contributors from all walks of life. In QuizMeUp site, every quiz question is shared. This means that a user can create its own quiz by inserting new questions and/or using others quiz questions.

How to contribute?

Anyone can contribute by insert new quiz questions or new quizzes. Users can also contribute by editing an existing quiz question, thus building one giant database of quiz questions covering any category (topic). People can learn new information in a quiz manner that is an enjoyable and exciting.

How can I gain or benefit from QuizMeUp? In what way can QuizMeUp help me?

  • Be smarter
    As a collaborative directory of quizzes, QuizMeUp has a lot of information as a quizzes manner. By trying to answer them correctly you can learn from your mistakes and from the explanation associated with each quiz.
  • Be professional
    If you want to be professional you can browse through your professional category and learn more from others experience.
  • Improve studying
    You can insert your material as quiz questions and enlarge the quiz questions database in every new material you learned. Other people can correct your questions and add more questions to your category. By periodically walking through them you are better understand your studying material, better remembering and learn from others knowledge.
  • Feel good
    It is known that sharing makes you feel good. You are encouraged to add a quiz question or your own quiz on any category and that way people will appreciate your knowledge and experience.
  • Maintain your actual knowledge
    By answering or adding quizzes you can keep or improve your actual knowledge in an entertaining way.

What are the goals as a wiki quiz site?

The mission is to grow a collaborative quiz question resource. In QuizMeUp, anyone, anywhere, is encouraged to add a quiz on any category and enjoy others quizzes. We believe that together we can provide fuller, richer quiz resource. Everyone has knowledge to share, whether it's about MySQL Performance, GMAT, Cooking, or general knowledge (Trivia). Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute their expertise with the world, and on QuizMeUp that opportunity is free and available for the curious to explore.

How is QuizMeUp unique?

The wiki-model is all about creating a collaborative directory of quizzes and quiz questions. We encourage everyone to add to and improve each other's quizzes and learn from others quizzes.

Who contributes to QuizMeUp?

Anybody! You can contribute any knowledge you have to help growing the quiz questions resource. Anyone has a unique data he or she gained in his life. In QuizMeUp one can insert his knowledge in a quiz manner so other people can learn from his experience and appreciate it.

I love it; can I contribute more or contribute in a better way?

We are looking for Supervisors who are contributors especially dedicated to helping QuizMeUp quiz questions bank grow in a collective and productive way. If you are interested in becoming a Supervisor please contact us.

How do I get started?

That all depends on what you'd like to do first!

  • You can browse quizzes in any category or peruse only the categories you're interested in.
  • Build new quiz in any category you wants.
  • Insert new quiz question in any category you wants.

How to contact us?

If you have questions about QuizMeUp Or if you have technical problems or suggestions for improvements please contact us.